Wednesday, February 15, 2006

He wants to turn me in to the F.B.I

24 was ace at the weekend, unfortunately Jack has lost his mullet. With episode 100 (already?) coming up on Sunday on Sky One, yesterday's G2 section of my favourite newspaper, the Guardian, ran an interview with the star of 24, Jack Bauer...I mean Kiefer Sutherland. In it he reveals some funny moments in his life and discusses 24 and the new 24 computer game for PS2. One of the funny stories is when he had a real-life Jack Bauer moment:

"About five years ago I was watching this elderly lady walking down the street and two boys came up behind her and pushed her and taken her purse. I pulled my car over and tackled one of the boys, and before I knew it, the old lady was hitting me on my back with the cane, and I turned around to see a bunch of kids just making a student film and the side of the street. I never felt so stupid in all my life, I was very embarrassed and they were all laughing"
Another point that the interviewer makes is that they should have a box where they put $5 in everytime they break the Geneva convention in the episode. No doubt it would be overflowing. But this does raise another issue in my mind. Torture is bad, m'okay, it's obvious that it is. I am disgusted of tales of torture coming from Afghanistan, Iraq or Guantanamo Bay, yet at the same time i'm urging Jack Bauer to connect electric wires to some terrorist's testicles in order for CTU to salvage the day and keep the bad guys from winning. I know it's only TV but there must be some deranged rightwing americans who think that all of America's problems would be solved if the bureaucracy didn't get in the way of agents like Jack Bauer who just want to serve their country.
In other related news, Liberal Woman has linked me to her site. You may remember that I wrote about her website on my tour of blogs. I've returned the favour (see the blog links to the right) and urge you to visit her site. She discusses politics and society and all the important topics in life. No doubt she would abhore any replication of Jack Bauer's tactics in the War on Terror. She has a nice post about a US soldier who has written a poetry book inspired from his time in Iraq. She seems to hate Bush with a passion. As a European, it's sometimes hard to remember that not all Americans are right wing neo-con pricks. Blogs like this prove that George W Bush (the W stands for wanker) does not speak for all Americans.
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Most of us voted for the other guy, trust me.


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Support the Troops: Impeach Bush.

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