Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I know all about poison, I know all about fiery darts

Darts ... dangerous
Darts is a great game. Every year I go to the world championships at the Lakeside in Surrey. But the sport of darts has two problems:
  • A high amount of injuries
  • There are two competing competitions

Essentially a bunch of people got greedy in the 1990s and set up a rival league to the original competition, the BDO. Now there are two world championships. This is stupid. Think about it for a minute. Its as if Chelsea and Liverpool decided to start their own premier league and Man Utd and Arsenal stayed in the other. No one would really know who is the best.

They really need to sort this out, because I am tired of arguing about the quality of the PDF vs the BDO. It's stupid. It's not like darts can afford to split its fan base in two. Unite and the sport may have a chance of survival in a world full of DVDs, Playstations and Britney Spears. Stay split and the children will grow up fucked in the head because of the trauma and the sport will be no nearer to competing in the Olympics.

Best of order please...Game On!

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