Thursday, February 09, 2006

Twenty-four hours a day you can feel it and you can hear it

My friend Will has an exciting Blog that you must discover. Anyways a few days ago he wrote about Jack Bauer and 24. If you don't know 24, its like Die Hard, only on crack cocaine.
It truly is the king of action on TV. Of course, it does not reach the dramatic heights of the Sopranos (the best television programme ever, full stop) but, as far as pure, ridiculous, unadulterated action goes, 24 is the key.
Anyways, I saw the 'prequal' on Sky One a few days ago as well. This mini-ten minute episode which was originally on the season 4 dvd is supposed to be what happened inbetween the two seasons. It had no story, Chloe was in there (and alarmingly I think they had tried to sex her up) and she was meeting Jack in secret, as he's now a 'dead man'. It was in Chicago, because of the Chicago Tribune newspaper vending machines (that was indeed a nice touch) . The best thing about this was that Jack Bauer had a mullet!!!! He looked like an idiot.
Bring on the new series which starts on Sunday on Sky One with two episodes. Let's hope he still has that mullet.

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