Friday, February 10, 2006

Do I understand your question, man, is it hopeless and forlorn?

I've already discussed the Liberal Democrat leadership campaign in my blog, but it is now time for more thoughts on the contest. Last night I watched Question Time on BBC 1. This is a programme which normally brings in politicians and big dicks from the media as well as the odd celebrity intellectual thrown in (Will Self, Ian Hislop, Germaine Greer, for example) and they answer questions from the crowd.
In a bid to sex up the programme they have allowed people to text in their views which scroll on the page if you have digital TV and also made amendements to the theme tune. Adding sexiness to an already sexy piano based theme was always going to be hard (I'm joking, the music is rubbish).
Anyways, last night they had the three remaining candidates for the Lib Dem leadership on a special. The three candidates stood forlorn in front of party members and neutrals and discussed a variety of topics. Voting for the liberal democrats has always been a wasted vote to some degree, they are a third party in a two way political system and as such are always dismissed as no-runners and a waste of space. BUT....if they manage to get the non-voters on side, then they would win easily.
The mass of people who don't bother to exercise their political right is quite simply disgusting. In a bid to make this happen, I am using my Blog as a translating tool for the non-voting masses. I will use a simple anology to describe the three candidates so everyone can decide on who they want to lead the third party.
Ming Campbell - He is to the Lib Dems what Madonna is to pop music. Old. It's not to say that she doesn't get the odd number one moment but you do end up thinking that it's your mother strutting on the television trying to be sexy.
Chris Huhne - He is the Kelly Clarkson of the Lib Dems: new, recently on the scene. She won American Idol and as such you are never sure how long she has left in the limelight. Still sexy though but in no way is she an icon.
Simon Hughes - He is the Kylie of the Lib Dems. Sexy, courageous and also a gay icon. Like Kylie, he has been around for a long time but still seems young. Like Kylie he can win over hearts and minds. Vote Kylie.
So there you have it. You can have Madonna, Kelly Clarkson or Kylie to lead the Lib Dem attack against both Labour and the Tory Party. God knows we need to get people interested in politics again, Simon 'Kylie' Hughes is the man to do it.

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